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Van Hoosen Counseling Staff


Lisa Elder

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Erin Moran

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Michelle Rupp

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Counseling & Attendance Secretary  
(248) 726-4907
  • Attendance
  • Counselor Support
  • New Students, Transfers & Drops (visit Student Enrollment during the summer to enroll a student)
  • Academic Records and Testing
  • Medical Action Plans 
  • Health Information and Medications 
  • Immunization Records
  • Homework from Teachers

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Your counselor or VH learning consultant Mrs. Maguire can help with inquiries about 504 plans and other student supports. Contact Mrs. Maguire


Health & Wellness in School

Rochester Community Schools is committed to the health and safety of all students.  If your student has a medical condition that is dependent on staff support, please view the below information and contact the school for more information.  Updated Medical Action Plans (MAPs) are required at the start of every school year and expire on the last day of instruction. The MAP provides RCS with required medical direction and allows staff to provide services, such as medication administration, medical interventions and/or medical procedures. 

Medical Action Plans

Click on the link below to download MAP forms.  Please complete the correct MAP (or MAPs) for each medical need. 

Return completed forms and any medications to the counseling/attendance secretary.

Medication in School

If medication is required to be given at school and is not part of a MAP order, then the school medication authorization form is required. Please see guidelines on the form for reference. Medications will not be administered for the treatment of symptoms. Children will need to stay home if they have symptoms of a communicable disease.